The National Clergy Council – 2024 Declarations – Washington, DC

At its Upper Council meeting on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, on January 18, 2024, The National Clergy Council President Rev. Dr. Allen Church announced on behalf of the council: 

The National Clergy Council

2024 Declarations

Washington, DC

The Free China Movement: The National Clergy Council announces and endorses The Free China Movement: Liberty Under King Jesus Christ, rejecting the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party.

Antisemitism: The National Clergy Council (NCC) calls Christians to courageously stand in protecting Jews from all hostile and prejudicial actions. Such anti-Jewish hatred is a contradiction of Biblical truth and its revelation of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord over all life. We seek to avoid the failures of the German churches and others to protect the Jewish people by repudiating the violent secular ideologies of Nazism, Socialism, Communism, and radical Islam.

Racism: The National Clergy Council (NCC) calls Christians to seek, promote, and practice racial respect and harmony, recognizing all of humanity shares the image of God and that all Christians are One Blood in Jesus Christ. The NCC recognizes that Biblically, and by creation, there is no reality as race. The distinctions normally attributed to “race” are variances of ethnic identity. But this declaration on race is related to engagement in discussions of so-called racism based on the common language used in current rhetoric and concern.

Likewise, the NCC rejects the obvious racism of the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, and the like. The NCC recognizes the urgent problem of racism by the Neo-Marxist Left which has marched through many of our political and cultural institutions, disrupting progress toward more racial peace and harmony with its deceptive presentations of history and its use of race-baiting tactics for political and cultural power and control. The NCC identifies the political Left as the greatest promoter of racism in American culture. The NCC calls for justice and peace born of Biblical truth and peace rather than divisive secular ideologies. As an additional practical matter, the NCC calls for the cessation of racial identification on all legal/official documents.

Christian Nationalism: “Any form of “Christian” Nationalism that is racist or idolatrous is rejected. But Biblical Christian Nationalism is affirmed. We affirm the separate jurisdictions of Church and State, but not the separation of faith and State. Jesus Christ is the Ruler of all nations and cultures. “Christian” Socialism Nationalism/Internationalism/Globalism is rejected as non-Biblical. Since the designation “Christian Nationalist” is often rhetorically connected to racism without proof, we declare that individuals of any race are called to repent of any racism. Individuals or groups of any race can practice racism. We reject the neo-Marxist use of issues of race as a methodology for social disruption and division in the pursuit of power, control, and money.”

The Idolatry of Civil Government: The National Clergy Council (NCC) recognizes the challenge posed by the idolatry of the State (Statism), which is the worship and dependence upon civil government conducted outside its Biblical boundaries. The NCC affirms the Biblical Lordship of King Jesus Christ over the State, the Church, and all of life while seeking a better life for Christians and non-Christians. The Sovereign God of all creation is the source of all truth and true blessings.

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