National Clergy Council

The historic National Clergy Council, Washington, DC, USA

“In the love of God and neighbor, help fight the good fight for the  government of King Jesus Christ over all of life speaking Biblical truth to the humanistic powers that reject Christ and His God-given liberties. ”

Please join with us for membership and future ministry/missionary opportunities.

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  • Prophetically witnessing the loving rule of our Ascended King Jesus Christ in the promotion and defense of God-given rights, seeking a better life for all by the application of Biblical wisdom to all of life
  • Seeking to reach civil servants for Christ and His rule
  • Promoting national renewal through evangelism and discipleship
  • Seeking to unite pastors for prophetic ministry and emergency issue responses
  • Presenting the Ten Commandments, Biblical Life and Liberty, and The Psalm 2 Project awards to outstanding leaders who support Biblical wisdom applied to all of life
  • Engaging in organizing prayer work upholding the rule of Jesus Christ among all nations/cultures
  • Witnessing against the idolatrous religion of Statism (the worship of civil government that exercises power beyond its Biblical authority)
  • Witnessing against socialism, communism, fascism, crony capitalism, and social democracy while positively upholding Biblical political liberty and free market economics


  • Fighting abortion while promoting the value of all human life according to the Holy Scriptures


  • Fighting religious and political persecution worldwide


  • Promoting the Biblical view of creation and family


  • Advancing the cause of educational choice


  • Fighting unbiblical racism and antisemitism on Biblical grounds rather than through race-baiting politics and neo-Marxist/Fascist social disruption


  • Promoting spiritual and physical health


  • Working in cooperative ministry with JesusChrist2Day Outreach, China Aid, Creation Worldview Ministries and The Black Regiment along with other like minded ministries


  • Offering a fellowship of encouragement for pastors


  • Providing a cross-denominational network for common ministry/witness efforts

John 3:16